Welcome to the Space Invaders Google Wave Gadget Site

The Space Invaders Gadget will remember the highest score that any player has achieved in each Wave that it lives in. Currently there is no sound, since I thought that might be annoying in a Wave.

Download the installer XML here:

(Install the Gadget Installer Gadget as described here and create an installer with the preceding URL.)

Or if you would prefer to simply use the gadget directly, without installing it:

(Just click the puzzle piece icon while editing any Wave and enter the preceding URL in the box.)

Email Me:

Or send me a Wave at Dilbrent@GoogleWave.com if you happen to be on Wave. (And if you don't happen to be on Wave, you might as well ignore this entire page.)

Ack: The original game code, which I adapted to be Gadget-friendly and added the high score logic, is by Matt Haynes. Play the original here.

Note: If you would like to hear what the sound might be like (I'd be interested in your opinion) you can try my wildly unpopular and poorly marketed Facebook application: Friendemic, which (obviously) allows you to shoot at your friends' profile pics, ala Space Invaders, but with sound effects.